Antarctica Photo Album 1999

Feb05_03.jpg (48529 bytes)  Miss Muffet makes Antarctica.  Carl, we miss you!


Deception Island

Jan25_04.jpg (37749 bytes)  Our first land sighting in Antarctica, a rock just off Deception Island.

Jan25_07.jpg (55370 bytes)   Jan25_09.jpg (45212 bytes) Penguins along the shore of Telefone Bay, Deception Island. 

Jan25_13.jpg (41149 bytes)  Risque flying our flags along with the QuadGraphics flag brought with P.J. Friend.

Jan29_02.jpg (48787 bytes)  Zetty's standing next to the old boilers in Whaler's Bay.  Before the station closed in 1931, it was producing 3,100,000 barrels of whale oil a year.  Factory ships made shore stations obsolete.

Jan29_05.jpg (44347 bytes)  The British occupied the base during WWII, these plane parts are left over from them. Two wings and a ski for landing on snow.

Jan29_03.jpg (32148 bytes)  Risque, anchored in Whaler's Bay, Deception Island.

Jan26_05.jpg (44390 bytes)  Anchored in Pendulum Cove on Deception.  Hot vents from volcanic activity keep parts of the beach water warm enough to swim in.

Jan26_02.jpg (47585 bytes)  Along the beach, Pendulum Cove.  The British base here did a lot of experimentation on magnetic and obviously, pendulums.

Jan26_03.jpg (56226 bytes)  Possible Maple Syrup production?


Portal Point, Reclus Peninsula

 Jan30_02.jpg (50776 bytes)    Risque in Portal Point. Jan30_04.jpg (38742 bytes) Our first Antarctic snowman!

Feb01_01.jpg (45954 bytes)  Of course we grill in south!!

Feb01_09.jpg (57955 bytes)   Feb01_08.jpg (56602 bytes) Talking with Dave and Duncan, two Australian climbers camped just over the ridge.  They've been down here for eight weeks already.

Feb01_05.jpg (47879 bytes) Feb01_04.jpg (45816 bytes) Feb01_03.jpg (44547 bytes) Feb01_02.jpg (52425 bytes) Feb01_07.jpg (43770 bytes) Feb01_06.jpg (41195 bytes)

 Feb01_10.jpg (44628 bytes)  Feb01_11.jpg (53497 bytes) Feb01_12.jpg (36347 bytes)  Views around the harbor.


Cuverville Island

Feb02_01.jpg (53700 bytes)  Pancake ice, just before ice freezes into a solid sheet.

Feb02_02.jpg (41585 bytes)  The bunny or kangaroo iceberg.

 Feb02_03.jpg (37008 bytes) Big Fella. wpe231.jpg (15828 bytes)  wpe232.jpg (15753 bytes)  

wpe233.jpg (31830 bytes)  Dave and Duncan, our Aussie climbing friends, in their dinghy wishing us goodbye.

wpe234.jpg (25135 bytes)  Big humpback whales.  This was one of three here.   wpe235.jpg (23831 bytes) Fluke shot.

 wpe236.jpg (12734 bytes)  wpe237.jpg (23661 bytes) Easy does it!


Vernadsky Base, Ukrainian Research Station

wpe221.jpg (18988 bytes)  Tom and P.J. Friend towing an iceberg out from between Risque & Futuro at Vernadsky.

wpe222.jpg (31636 bytes)  Fritz, Zettie and Craig getting the tour.   wpe223.jpg (34803 bytes)  Tom, Jacky, Zettie and Fritz with our tour leader Nicholi.

wpe224.jpg (33181 bytes)  The southern most trinket shop in the world!

wpe225.jpg (33254 bytes)  wpe226.jpg (37115 bytes)  The southern most "Public" bar in the world.  Check out the cool burgees above Lou and Jacky!

wpe227.jpg (30645 bytes)  Look out!     wpe22D.jpg (18152 bytes)

wpe228.jpg (15503 bytes)  You can just make out the base in the middle and Risque and Futuro anchored in the bay.

wpe229.jpg (36795 bytes) wpe22A.jpg (33425 bytes) wpe22B.jpg (32494 bytes)    This is the original British station here.  It's now a museum named after one of Ernest Shackelton's men, Wordie House.  P.S. If you haven't read "Endurance," go get a copy.

wpe22C.jpg (27326 bytes)  Aventura III, Jimmy Cornell's boat, leaving Vernadsky.


Palmer Station, United States Research Station

wpe21C.jpg (34596 bytes)  The crew of Futuro, anchoring at Palmer.

wpe21D.jpg (28008 bytes)  Ron is the base commander at Palmer.  Check out the flags flying for us and the painting on the fuel tanks.

wpe21E.jpg (30809 bytes)  The main station in the back with the boathouse in the foreground.  They have six Zodiac Mk V's for research.  Nice dinghies.

wpe21F.jpg (29902 bytes)  John, on the left was our tour guide.  He's an E-Scow sailor from Madison, Wisconsin!!

wpe220.jpg (27192 bytes)  Craig Adams, what are you doing in Antarctica?  Actually, Ron, the station's doctor.


Port Lockroy, British Historical Site

wpe20E.jpg (28782 bytes)  Drew with Nigel and Zettie.  Nigel is stationed with Dave at Port Lockroy.

wpe20F.jpg (20172 bytes) wpe210.jpg (22719 bytes) wpe218.jpg (21572 bytes) wpe219.jpg (18970 bytes)  Views of Port Lockroy.  One of our best days.

wpe21A.jpg (27983 bytes)  wpe21B.jpg (27583 bytes)  On our way from Port Lockroy to Melchior Islands.


Gonzalez Videla, Chilean Base

wpe206.jpg (32271 bytes)  We had the base officers on board for drinks.  Salty's Fan Club members in Antarctica!!

wpe207.jpg (30757 bytes)  Drew, clowning around.

wpe208.jpg (28782 bytes)  Chris and Lou were awarded Cuff links and Tie tacks from the base commander.

wpe209.jpg (32994 bytes)  P.J. in a lively conversation in Spanish.

wpe20A.jpg (32414 bytes) wpe20B.jpg (34128 bytes) wpe20C.jpg (36268 bytes) wpe20D.jpg (31169 bytes) The party moves to Futuro.


The dreaded Drake Passage and Cape Horn, Cabo de Hornos

wpe1D7.jpg (17516 bytes)  wpe1E0.jpg (21173 bytes)  Cape Horn

wpe1EA.jpg (31803 bytes)  The fearsome sail around Cape Horn.  Notice the cruise ship landing at Cape Horn.

wpe1CC.jpg (33594 bytes) wpe1D2.jpg (34035 bytes) wpe1D3.jpg (33831 bytes) wpe1D4.jpg (34717 bytes) wpe1D5.jpg (39005 bytes) wpe1D6.jpg (33736 bytes)    

Everyone got their ears pierced underway after rounding "The Horn."   Supposedly you can only wear the ring if you travel around the Horn from East to West, from above 50S latitude and have sailed for more than 6000nm.  We qualify!