Antarctica Hi Res Pictures, 1999

wpe15C.jpg (131639 bytes)  Earrings all around.  If you travel from 50S around the Horn back up passed 50S you can wear the ring.

wpe15D.jpg (70529 bytes)  Rare double rainbow just behind Porto Williams, Chile.

wpe15E.jpg (153130 bytes)  This is what happens trying to do a little laundry in Antarctica.

wpe15F.jpg (135077 bytes)  Jacky in front a penguin rookery at the Chilean base.

wpe160.jpg (98943 bytes)  Just sailing along...

wpe161.jpg (12331 bytes)  These two spots are British Tornado's doing a fly-by at the start in the Falkland Islands, really cool!

wpe162.jpg (88411 bytes)  Antarctica hot tubbing.  Volcanic vents heat the beach water to 120 in spots.

wpe163.jpg (76957 bytes)  One of the more interesting icebergs we came across.