Amsterdam, The Netherlands Photo Album

wpe173.jpg (40098 bytes)  They don't even have building for the WC's.  A little chilly in the winter.

wpe189.jpg (26636 bytes)  Overview of Amsterdam, that's the Riks just left of center.

wpe174.jpg (32286 bytes)  We made the pilgrimage to the Heineken Brewery.

wpe175.jpg (32779 bytes)  The inside of a wooden beer barrel, sealed with pine pitch on the inside.

wpe176.jpg (25279 bytes)  A modern 50 liter barrel cutout.

wpe177.jpg (29333 bytes)  The brewing room.  They actually don't brew here anymore. Just offices and PR.

wpe178.jpg (23557 bytes)  Stay out of the beer Bill!!

wpe18A.jpg (30962 bytes)  The payoff!!

wpe18B.jpg (58671 bytes)  Typical condition of most bikes in Amsterdam.

wpe18C.jpg (36350 bytes)  The boys getting a little culture, pasteurizing ourselves!

wpe18D.jpg (31595 bytes)  The Rijks museum.  We saw Rembrandt's "Night Watch."

wpe18E.jpg (41205 bytes)  A typical canal in downtown Amsterdam.