St. Helena Photo Album

P0002208.jpg (73331 bytes)  Leaving Cape Town, South Africa and Table Mountain.

P0002214.jpg (53576 bytes)  We put three reefs in the mainsail to get more wind into the kite.

P0002218.jpg (94856 bytes)  Our arrival just before sunset in St. Helena.

P0002220.jpg (106579 bytes)  The main settlement in St. Helena is Jamestown.

P0002223.jpg (119276 bytes)  A coffee plantation in St. Helena, home of the expensive coffee in the world.

P0002228.jpg (99895 bytes)

P0002234.jpg (174962 bytes)  Giant tortoises at the home of the governor.

P0002238.jpg (161165 bytes)  Jonathon is the oldest of the tortoises, estimated at 160 years old!!

P0002242.jpg (156877 bytes)  The original "Jacobs Ladder" 699 steps.

 P0002244.jpg (136223 bytes)  P0002243.jpg (110215 bytes) Views of Jamestown and the harbour.

P0002250.jpg (133936 bytes)  P0002251.jpg (137731 bytes)  P0002255.jpg (134742 bytes)  A huge reception for the Millennium Odyssey including a full marching band!!

P0002258.jpg (106465 bytes)  The Flame Ceremony at the local Cathedral.

P0002259.jpg (95375 bytes)

P0002267.jpg (180457 bytes)  Jacky and Lou in front of Napoleon's grave.  He was buried on St. Helena from 1821 until 1840 when his body was returned to France.

P0002272.jpg (91245 bytes)  Napoleon's original death mask.

P0002270.jpg (114511 bytes)  Longwood House at which Napoleon stay for last 6 years of his exile in St. Helena.