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News 4/14/2000
Upon arriving in Grenada we take a short respite before cruising to Antigua.  We'll be meeting Megan and David Weathers with their children Melissa, Allison and Taylor and Kelly and Rick Halverson with their kids Morgan and Mackenzie.  Gramma is very anxious!!  Zetty will also be meeting her sister Nicky and friend Sam here in Antigua before we leave.

News 1/28/2000
ARRIVAL SALVADOR, FINISHED!!  Circumnavigation complete.  We'll spend the next 5 weeks here in Brazil, exploring Salvador and the interior of Brazil. 

News 1/14/2000
Our arrival in St. Helena was a big welcome.  The people in St. Helena were very friendly and kind.  We can't thank Colin Corker enough for the superb tour of the island in his charabanc.  Pictures soon on the web.

News 1/2/2000
No Y2K problems on Risque or in South Africa.  The new millennium was ushered in with great cheer aboard the good ship Risque, with a great party hosted by the Royal Cape Yacht Club.  The Cape to Rio cruising racers left today with the racing fleet leaving Jan 8th, 3 days after our start on Jan 5th.  At least 4 80 foot maxis are in the race should be a great race!  Our route will take us to St. Helena and then on to Salvador, Brazil for their 500th anniversary.  It will also mark the completion of Risque's circumnavigation!! Off we go....

News 12/23/1999
OK I'm updating the website already.  Things have been a little busy as usual, getting the boat ready for the final leg back to South America across the Atlantic.  These will be our longest legs to date and we're trying to get everything perfect on the boat before setting sail. The generator main bearing seal was put in crooked when it was re-built in Cairns, Australia, a blown starter unit in the frig compressor due to bad shore power, cracks in the boom due to high winds along the S.A. coast and new battslides for the mainsail are just a few of the things on the list for repair.

News 12/1999
Oops, an about face on our racing leg from La Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa.  Risque was forced to turn around 200 miles from La Reunion after LJ was diagnosed with possible appendicitis.  After motorsailing 24 hours back into the wind to La Reunion, LJ was taken to the hospital for testing.  The doctors could not give a definite diagnosis as LJ was giving a strong course of antibiotics on the way back to La Reunion.  Doctors in the U.S. gave a 40 percent chance of reoccurrence if it truly was appendicitis, not very good odds when your not going to see land for 10 days!  LJ and Zetty flew to Richards Bay, where after more testing, it was operation time.  After a successful operation, lab reports confirmed the appendicitis!  A previous infection was detected, the most recent probably a reoccurrence.  Lucky me!  All systems are now A-OK.

News 11/1999
Arrival on the Asian continent!  

News 10/1999
Risque is now on the "hard" for the first time in her short life.  We're repainting the bottom and having the generator refit in the boat after undergoing a minor rebuild.  This will be our last stopover before heading across the Indian Ocean.

News 9/6/1999
After leaving Cairns, we cruised up the Great Barrier Reef towards Thursday Island, the start of our next race leg to Darwin.  If you can't find Thursday Island on your map, look for Horn Island or Prince of Wales Island.  We entered the Port of Darwin 2nd after Taratoo, completing one of the best downwind legs we've had, almost five days straight with a kite up!  We have the original core crew for this leg as Melissa and Zetty toured the outback for the week.

News 8/4/1999
Arrive in Cairns, Australia after crossing the Coral Sea with great sailing conditions.   20-30kts on a broad reach the whole way.

News 7/22/1999
Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.  Big Lou, LJ, Zetty, Tom, Melissa and John Ellis dive on the USS President Coolidge, the largest accessible wreck in the world measuring 202 metres in length.  All the dives are 30 metres and below resulting in more decompression time than diving time!  LJ, Zetty and Tom dive on the Engine Room and the Swimming Pool on our last day, 55 metres deep!  The 50 minutes of decompression at 9, 6 and 3 metres is made interesting by a 450lb tame Grouper named Boris eating fish out of your hand!   Quite cool.  We were very sad that Bill had a cold and was too sick to dive with us.

News 7/13/1999
Celebrate LJ's 36th birthday in Port Vila, Vanuatu, his second such celebration aboard Risque on this trip.  We arrived in Vanuatu after spending 2 weeks cruising in Fiji, drinking Kava and feeding sharks.  The diving out of the Musket Cove Resort was excellent, along with great facilities for relaxation.

News 7/1/1999
Arrived in Suva, Fiji to drop off the Baker's after 3 weeks of South Pacific touring.   The Royal Suva Yacht Club is host to the Millennium fleet.

News 6/21/1999
Celebrate Melissa's 28th birthday in the Vava'u Island group, Kingdom of Tonga.  The diving here has been excellent with Melissa and Bill getting their P.A.D.I. tickets, Tom, Zetty and LJ going for 2 dives a day for 4 days straight!

News 5/15/99
We're just about half way around the world and just leaving Tahiti.  Our trip up the Chilean Canals was interesting, our stay in Valdivia fantastic and our sail to the South Pacific eventful.  Highlights include more damage than we expected from Antarctica, a whale attack on the way to Easter Island, Pitcairn Island and finally meeting up with the other part of the Millennium Odyssey fleet in Tahiti. 

News 2/16/99
We're back from Antarctica!  Wow!  Our passage through the Drake and back was exciting and our weather in Antarctic Peninsula was absolutely the best we could ask for.   I have a new Antarctic section on the web along with a slightly different format for 1999.  Hopefully with the new format, I'll be able to update the website once a week.  I'll be updating twice from Ushuaia, with the Antarctic story and HI-RES pictures!

News 1/13/99
We've spent a lovely 4 days in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands and are about to set off for Ushuaia, Argentina.  We've met huge amount of new friends here in Stanley, it will be tough to say good bye.  I'll definitely be back, diving and cruising the Falkland waters.  I've changed the format of the web site slightly, to make it easier to upload small changes via the satellite phone.  I won't be able to upload a lot of pictures until we get to Australia around September so please don't be too disappointed.   I'll try very hard to find a place in Ushuaia to upload the Antarctic pictures when we return in mid-February.  Antarctic circle, here we come!!

News 12/26/98
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Risque!!  We're here in Mar del Plata, Argentina for the holidays, having a great time with our host, Yacht Club Argentino.   I've finally located a place to upload the website, so I hope this reaches you by the new year.  All is well here after getting our first taste of the "Roaring Forties" down here in the South Atlantic.  During our race from Rio de Janeiro to Mar del Plata, we had sustained headwinds of 40-50kts for 36 hours straight.  VERY interesting!  We wound up winning the leg as we were the only boat to finish with the time limit.  See pictures in the Mar del Plata section for a few highlights.   From here we head down again through the "Roaring Forties and into the "Screaming Fifties" for the Falkland Islands.  We'll be in Port Stanley there before heading to Porto Williams, our last stop before Antarctica.  We're also very happy to announce that Lisette (Zetty) Boot has joined the crew of Risque!   We're very glad to have such an experienced sailor on board for the rest of our journey.

News 12/8/98
Website updating taking place.  As you may have noticed, the website has grown quite large.  Uploading it takes almost two hours!!  A reliable phone/internet connection is hard to find in many of the places we've visited.  We live in a special place, the good'ol USA, where quality phone service is taken for granted.  This may also be the last update until we get to Tahiti in May, as we journey into more remote places!!  I'll try and send a few pictures back from Antarctica, but we're not sure the satellite phone will even work from there!!  We crossed the Equator in the middle of November, cruised along the Brazilian coast and are now in Rio de Janeiro.  The World Cruising Staff in Cowes is doing an excellent job of covering the Rally on their website,, just click on the Millennium Odyssey for race updates and little descriptions of events. 

News 9/30/98
Website updated!  We're in Lisbon and finished second in the third leg.  Story to follow from Madeira.  We start leg four today at 5PM. Lisbon to Madeira about 520nm SW.

News 9/22/98
Website updated!  We're in Porto, Portugal getting ready to start leg 3, to Lisbon.

News 8/30/98
Website updated!  We've arrived in London and are now preparing for the start of the race, Sept 12.  All systems are go!

News 7/28/98
Website updated!  LJ visits the states for Joe Weix's wedding!  Added links to Daily Logs that go right to Photo Album

News 7/9/98
Website updated!

News 6/15/98
Website updated!

News 6/11/98
Leaving for Sweden for the weekend.  First shakedown cruise.  Most systems are a go.  Watch for new pictures next week!

News 6/11/98
Updated website!!  Bug in FrontPage webpost utility prevents links to big pictures from working properly.  Working on it!  Trip to Arctic Circle in Daily Log and Photo Album.  Reconfigured Daily Log and Photo Album links to reduce transmission time.

News 6/4/98
Updated website!!
Check out the new pictures and logs.

News 5/29/98
Team Risqué arrives in Finland!
See Daily Log and new Photos!!

News 5/26/98
LJ and Bill leave for Finland via Iceland
Bill and Lou's Adventure to Iceland

News 4/27/98
Updated website!!
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