La Reunion Photo Album

P0001742.jpg (92150 bytes)  Leaving Mauritius on our way to La Reunion.


P0001743.jpg (68314 bytes)  P0001744.jpg (92977 bytes)  Melissa, John, Lou and Tom went Microlite cruising.


P0001746.jpg (128378 bytes)  P0001747.jpg (138480 bytes)  P0001749.jpg (97339 bytes)  P0001752.jpg (115974 bytes)  The winding roads up the steep mountain sides of La Reunion.


P0001759.jpg (88886 bytes)  P0001761.jpg (114386 bytes)  P0001762.jpg (140275 bytes)  Our hike the next day into the clouds!

P0001764.jpg (70122 bytes)  P0001765.jpg (89737 bytes)  P0001766.jpg (75849 bytes)  Tugs working on getting a French Navy ship out of the harbor.

P0001767.jpg (62527 bytes)  Tom with a big Dorado he caught on the way from La Reunion to Richards Bay.