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Age 34, Occupation, Member Chicago Mercantile Exchange/Farmer; Single; From Ixonia, WI

Lou grew up in Oconomowoc, WI sailing X, C, E and A scows on Lac La Belle and Pewaukee lakes.  After attending UW, Lou moved to Chicago in '85 to work and campaigned an M24 and a few Chicago Mac races.  Lou moved back to Ixonia, WI in '96 to get out of the city and back into one design Scow racing.  Lou has fun on his farm producing Maple syrup and growing small grains.  Hobbies include sailing, skiing, climbing, biking and kayaking.

Favorite food: Italian Sausage
Favorite movie: Blues Brothers
Favorite band: Bare Naked Ladies
Favorite saying: Holy Shtienkies!

LJ Standing.gif (7971 bytes)  Where in the world is LJ?!?   A new game to play for the Williams Bay 6th now 7th graders!!
See if you can find me each time the website is updated.  I'll look just like the picture to the left.  Lookout,  I might change sizes or be in some funny places!!