Knysna, South Africa Photo Album

P0001994.jpg (113433 bytes)  P0002000.jpg (110930 bytes)  Taking the steam train to George.

P0001999.jpg (79694 bytes)  Off we go!

P0002005.jpg (75045 bytes)  Looking down at Knysna.

P0002010.jpg (103854 bytes)  P0002020.jpg (80109 bytes)  A view from above and towards the "Heads."  We sailed through the cut to get into the lagoon.  P0002024.jpg (122232 bytes)  Tom gets us safely through.

P0002029.jpg (47809 bytes)  What's so funny?

P0002027.jpg (45431 bytes)  Sailing around Cape Agulhas, the southern most point in Africa.  (Cape of Good Hope is the southwestern most point in Africa.