Crew Bio's

Lou & Jacky Morgan

Lou (LJ) Morgan

Bill Slater

Tom Williams

Lisette (Zetty) Boot ,  VHSB

Melissa Morgan, VHSB

Risque's Guest List

Eric Hood  NorthSails

Rick Viggiano  Pro-Tech Marine

Bob and Lisa Conley   Stockholm, Sweden to Karlskrona, Sweden

John and Fritz Ruf, Dr. Tom O'Malley, Bill Truel    London, England to Cowes, Isle of Wight

Ron and Barb Poe,   Lisbon, Portugal to Canary Islands

Bill Keck,  Cabo Verde to Salvador, Brazil

Drew Howie,   Recife, Brazil to Ushuaia, Argentina

P.J. Friend, Ushuaia - Antarctica - Ushuaia, Argentina

Kathy Casper,   Salvador, Brazil to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dave Decker & Robin Dale, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Mar del Plata, Argentina

Jeff, Jacky, Whitney and Jamie Baker, Tonga and Fiji

Father Robert Ruhnke, Chuck and Carolyn Lamar, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Paul and Mary Counsel, Bali, Indonesia

Maria and Tim Roloff, Salvador Brazil

Nicky Boot and Sam Moir, Antigua