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Age 35; Occupation, Professional Sailor; Single; From, Lighthouse Point, FL

Bill grew up in the Midwestern town of McHenry, IL near the chain-of-lakes area of Pistakee Lake.  He was involved with the family marina there until age 28.  From there, Bill traveled to Florida to hangout on the beach and improve his tan.  Bill's sailing experience includes Butterflies (National Jr. Champ), X Scows, C Scows, M24's and numerous offshore racing boats in Florida.  Bill's hobbies include sailing, golf, biking, rollerblading and tanning.  (Recently free climbing!)

Favorite food: Mac and Cheese. 
Favorite band: The Cars. 
Favorite movie: Caddy Shack
Favorite saying: Easy...Careful......Watch it..........Slow down!!