Bali, Indonesia Photo Album

EX000009.jpg (109154 bytes)  A welcome dance at the Bali Yacht Club.

P0001465.jpg (100777 bytes)  P0001466.jpg (65032 bytes)  P0001471.jpg (92132 bytes)  Big Lou, working the big tuna.

P0001487.jpg (102761 bytes)  The Bali International Yacht Club, our home in Bali.

P0001480.jpg (54520 bytes)  The "Big Labowski", or El duderrino.

P0001495.jpg (206607 bytes)  Chickens for fighting, one of the biggest sports here.

P0001512.jpg (64182 bytes)  P0001513.jpg (62995 bytes)  P0001510.jpg (88828 bytes)  Lots of temples here.

P0001517.jpg (124349 bytes)  One of these things is not like the other....(Paul Counsel)

P0001529.jpg (122771 bytes)  P0001530.jpg (127722 bytes)  P0001531.jpg (132940 bytes)  Part of the military assembling for the Kings funeral.   0923_003.jpg (51403 bytes)  0923_002.jpg (155012 bytes)  

P0001534.jpg (104268 bytes)  Bill at the prize giving ceremonies.  0930_010.jpg (60719 bytes)

0921_006.jpg (64220 bytes)  On our way whitewater rafting.

0921_010.jpg (56315 bytes)  0921_011.jpg (58857 bytes)  Smallest one gets the biggest load!

0922_006.jpg (48650 bytes)  Tour de Bali