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**** Risque's Crew's Email Addresses After 4/15/2000 ****


    About the race
Last updated: 4/2/2000, Pictures only
About Risqué Skipper's Corner  -  Lou Morgan
Breaking News as of 4/2/2000 Mike Carr  -  Ocean Strategies  -  Weather
Crew & Guests of Risque as of 4/2/2000 Anatomy of a Sailboat  Still Under Construction
Schedule for Risqué of the Millennium Odyssey Code Flags - Part One - Letters
Logs  1998     1999    2000 Beaufort Wind Scale
Photo Albums,1998 
Photo Albums, 1999    New stuff!! 1/2/2000 Guest interview with Eric Hood of North Sails
Photo Albums, 2000    New stuff!! 4/14/2000
FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) Rick Viggiano  -  ProTech Marine
World Cruising Tip and Tricks by BL&T  as of 1/2/2000

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